Sunday, September 04, 2005

$4.32 That is what it costed me to become retardedly full and sickly. Cici's is one of the best and worst creations that have been bestowed upon us in the past 100 years. There is a bit of a story that leads up to that. We went swimming yesterday and what is swimming without alcohol. Malibu? Bud light? Crown Royal? Pick your poison. For me, I chose all of the above. And really what is a good drunk state without a good buffet to put you over the edge. If Pancho's wasn't so far away, they would have gotten the business, but they might not have wanted it. Sometimes I like to think that their earnings for the third quarter have somehow been depleated thanks to the gang. Really an uneventful day for a Saturday. Watched Mean Girls(stop laughing, you have too) and drank a bit. nothing much more.

September brings forth my favorite time of year. Football season. After 7 months of withdrawal, the tv will most likely stay on some sort of football for the next 5 months on all Saturday and Sundays. This is one of the few things right now that makes me happy. What happened to Oklahoma? What happened to A&M? Good football day. Tomorrow will bring the Florida St./Miami game. Should be a good one. The one thing that I don't like about this time of year is the gambling. I have a big gambling bug that strikes me during football season. Restrained myself to one game yesterday and won. Tough not to play today, but I'm doing good so far.

Why is Christmas getting so close? Think about it. Halloween, Thanksgiving, then it's here. Not far away people. I'll wait til the last minute as I always do. I don't have many to buy for this year. Going to be my first holiday season alone in 5 years. Weird. Don't really look forward to it. Enough about me. I get off on tangents and don't stop for a while. Guess I better get to work cleaning up and getting ready for a house full of people. Time to get drunk and over indulge myself with food. Imagine that.


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