Wednesday, September 07, 2005

What's new? I know you are asking that. Thanks for whoever sent me the link to AA on the comments. bitch. So I talked myself out of going to work today. Not necessarily a bad idea. I fixed the stereo on my truck and cleaned the hell out of my computer room. My blog is fucking boring. Who the fuck cares if I cleaned my computer room. Apparently you do cause you are reading it. Anyways me and Pat went to Applebees for the $1 drafts and I'll be goddamned if they were good. Well we are at home right now and drinking some rum and coke debating on going out to a bar close by to listen to shitty music and look at married women who are fat and mostly ugly. I love this city. Talk to you tomorrow when I am a little more sober and alot more together. Word to your mother.


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