Sunday, September 11, 2005


Thank god its football season! I am so fucking bored of watching baseball highlights that i could shoot myself. Actually, I would shoot myself for other reasons, but I could add that in there. Weekend of upsets with college and pros, but we will not talk about that. Went out last night to the Southern Junction for a friends birthday. Very eventful....I guess. Nothing much really happened, got drunk. What's new. Not a very eventful weekend at all actually. I've been keeping this a secret from you guys until now....I'm making a movie. Yeah that's fucking right. Movie. Nothing major, but something I can do to occupy my time. When everything finishes, I will have a bit more information on it and will have a link to show some photos from it and some clips. You will have to stay tuned for it and keep checking back. We went to the scoreboard tonight. If you dont know what the scoreboard is, it is a little hole in the wall here in Rockwall and if you get in to town I highly recommend going. Tonight is the first time I have been there and I have to say....not bad. A small place with some pool tables and shuffleboard and crap. Cheap beer always gets me hooked on a place. Besides, who can turn down a place where it has a pic like this. Talk to you later.


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