Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Sobriety is different. I havent had a drink since Sunday. Quit laughing, it might sound weak to you, but after the shit that I've been through, one day seems too long without alcohol. I couldn't sleep for shit last night. Didn't get to sleep until after 3am and I had to be at the office this morning for an interview. It went well, at least I think. Do you ever get to the point that you are so tired you can't sleep? That is how I have been all day. Since I have come home about 4, I havent been able to sleep since. Shit going through my mind all day about everything. I wish I could just relax and take my mind off of everything. I can't even stay on one subject and not go all over the place. Take everything that I have written up until now for example. I seriously have been typing this for about 20 mins and I still haven't got shit worth reading. Well, on that note, Im going to go to sleep and try to make it past one more day. Every day under my belt is one step closer to not such shitty of a week, which leads to not too shitty of a month and not that shitty of a year. Pretty shitty, huh.


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