Saturday, November 11, 2006

"I can't deny cancer got a piece of me last time. A big piece of me." That could be the biggest understatement (and possibly most arrogant) thing I have ever read. Lance Armstrong said on the 9th that he will again go toe-to-toe with cancer. "I want cancer. I want cancer so bad I can almost taste it." I am not bragging, but I can usually see where conversations are going before they get there.......I didn't see that coming at all. Nobody wishes for cancer, not even the ol' yellow bracelet himself. He went on to say that he is ready to sleep 17 hours a day and then went on to say that he wouldn't mind something like brain or lung cancer. Well, Mr. Armstrong, (you know...I'm going to leave the rest of this sentence blank because I want to go so many places right now and I'm just not going to. Cancer is no laughing matter and I can't seem to make myself go where I really want to go right now).

What makes him say these things you wonder? As do I.......and I don't have an answer. I do know that this is the first thing that I have seen on Lance Armstrong where he refered to himself in the third person. Is this a changing Lance we are seeing? Is he becoming like most athletes where the idea of himself actually outgrows himself so he must refer to himself as someone else?

I don't know, but I do have the entire article here that you can read.

Well, Poon has got to go watch Poon's TV and see if Tennessee can hold off Arkansas. Poon says goodnight all. Maybe I should refer to myself as The Poon. I kinda like that. Maybe I'll just stay with what most people call The Poon......fartknocker.



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