Monday, October 17, 2005

"How is work?"
I never thought you guys would ask that. Shithole. More shit dumped on me everyday, but it looks good on paper. eat me. Well one sentence is enough bitching for one day I guess. Had a rather painful weekend. I honestly can say that its been a long time since I drank that much whiskey. I 1 1/2 hours me and Wayne somehow rang up almost 100 bucks worth of jack and cokes. Ouch. The capper to the thing is the Whataburger. I couldnt eat that much food sober to save my life. My blog really sucks. Im either bitching about my job, telling you about how much I drank, or letting emotions out about my ex. Oh just wait until I finish the movie........then we will have something to talk about........its kinda shitty too now that I think about it. Well, I have a meeting early in the morning with my new team. We will see how my former co-workers like me as their boss. I think that there will be some heartburn on their end. Luckily I can swear at them now to get shit done. Oh the beauty of frustration release. If I make it through tomorrow, Ill update you on the situation.

Restless in Rockwall


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At Wed Nov 16, 09:26:00 AM 2005, Blogger dreamingtree27 said...

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