Monday, November 06, 2006

well well. Twice in the same year? say it isnt so. well it is. what to say, what to say. well there are alot of things happening in my world. im not going to get into some of it because honestly, im not emotionally stable enough to type it on here eventhough im sober.
lets talk sports a bit. well last post i said that i would put on here a "picks of the poll" system, however, i will not. not because im lazy, but because i really suck at picking teams. overall over the past few weeks im 10+ games under .500. im that bad. im sitting here watching the monday night game as we speak. looks like i will win that one. if i dont i will retire from gambling. if you dont believe me, ill bet you $20 i do.
colt mccoy for heisman?
i saw that shit on espn today and i must why would he be? good stats? maybe. good team? possibly. hype about him following vince? absolutely. i really hate when the media corrupts the public eye with their own visions. does it make a nice little story line? yes, but you have to look at who they are and the big 12 as a whole. i will go out on a limb and say that the big 12 is the worst conference in the usa. ok, maybe not worst, but easiest. in all honesty, without a few decent receivers, texas is just another mediocre team. the texas defense makes me think of the dallas cowboys defense. maybe good against the run, but just go deep on them and they will get burnt. its like their cb's and ss's are just full of roy williams twins and terrence newman twins. overrated.
lets get to the cowboys......or lack there of. i am a redskins fan so i will be a little biased on here, but first and foremost i am a football fan. i cant say that about cowboy fans. its the cowboys and nothing else. t.o. is a perfect example of this. he comes and stands on the star and disrespects the organization and then you are the first in line to buy his jersey? doesnt make sense. i know you want t.o. to be different in dallas, but it wont happen and it has already started. the thing that really bothers me is the spinelessness of both jerry jones and bill parcels. he falls asleep and "he has a medical condition." argues with an assistant coach and "the coach will be disciplined." he already runs that team. well good for him. he got what he wanted and the cowboys are just another .500 team. we all win. please i dont want to write more on romo and vanderjagt....i mean vandershank....i mean vanderblock. im sorry, i had to throw that in there. well good luck cowboy sheep on another 9-7 season. have fun sitting at home with the redskins fans during the playoffs. you see i accept it, you can too.



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