Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Mother fucker. I really wanted that new account, but I didnt get it. Fucking figures. They said they have high expectations for my group now and want me to be the leader to take them there. That sounds good and all, but fucking a, Im at a dead stand still. I swear to christ that I will be in this position until the day I die. I did get alot done today. Went to some stores out in the middle of nowhere. Fun. All that driving gives me time to think about shit I probably wouldnt think about otherwise. Like.......
How do you throw away a trash can? I have one now that the wheels are broken off of and I want to get rid of it, but Ill be damned, how do I throw it away. Do I have to leave instructions, put it inside of another trash can, take it to a dump, sell it in a garage sale? Im fucking lost. Or......
Is it a sin to burn an illegal copy of "The Passion of the Christ"? Or.......
If you didnt have a middle finger, how could you wipe your ass? Or.........
Did they have a shitload of kids back in the old days because they got bored from not having electricity? Did they just sit around and say,
"So you wanna fuck or what?"
"Yeah I guess, Im kinda bored." Or.......
Was Louie the Lightening Bug a light bulb or and actual lightening bug? If he was a bug, where does he come off telling me about electricity. His peeps get offed by the bug zapper all the time. Or......
Since Spuds MacKenzie was a female dog, was Budweiser promoting gay beastiality? Think about how far ahead of their time they were.
Does anyone else see why I want to stab myself most days? I do. There are alot more than these things I think about. These are just a few of the many things that needlessly go through my mind. Well I guess its about time to drink some Jack and start wildly swinging a dull knife around. Ill make contact if Im lucky.

B on 3


At Thu Oct 13, 05:14:00 AM 2005, Blogger edericks1650 said...

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At Fri Oct 14, 12:11:00 PM 2005, Blogger dreamingtree27 said...

All of those questions are good questions...I'll throw my 2cents in:
1.Throwing away a trash can can be tricky when dealing with the trash pickup people. Try writing BASURA/THROW AWAY on the trash can, so the trash men don't think its just empty!
2.I don't think it's a sin to burn a copy of "The Passion of Christ". I do however, think it's a sin to have burned an illegal copy of it. J/K. If you're worried about the morality of burning it due to the fact that it's about Jesus, I don't think you should burn it. If you don't want it just throw it away. However, I think burning it would be no where close to the act of burning a's not the good book, it's a dvd.
3.I'm confused by the whole middle finger/wiping ur ass question--I need more information on why this is important, and maybe this is a personal question...maybe people wipe their asses differently.
4. The old days probably did have baby booms due to homecomings from wars, and the depression, and yes I would think the lack of electricity and entertainment and money to go out and be entertained would leave people to just stay in and do the deed. Fun in the dark.
4.Louie the Lightening bug was a cartoon bug. It does seem a little ironic for a bug to be a spokesperson for safety around electricity since they are so attracted to light bulbs/lights, but I think he would know what the dangers of electricity can be cuz he lost many bug friends by the ZAPP!
5.The Spuds MacKenzie question is reaching a bit. I did hear that this actual dog that was used was a female, but I think for humor, sales promotion, and entertainment purposes they made it appear otherwise. I don't think the Budweiser marketing dept. was in anyway promoting gay beastiality. Well, maybe a subliminal message towards beastiality, but not sending a message about a gay bull terrier. I don't think the dog lasted long though, MADD (mothers against drunk driving)put up a fight against Budwieser. They thought that the dog promoted children to drink...Crazy Moms.

Take it easy B, you are a funny guy and your blog makes sense...You should'nt stab urself with a dull knife, but have some jack for me too. :)

At Fri Oct 14, 12:39:00 PM 2005, Anonymous jason said...

"Stay motivated!! As long as I have a desire, I have a reason for living. Satisfaction is death. We must find a great reason to wake up every morning! Always remember. Winning isn't everything! WANTING TO WIN IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)"



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