Monday, October 10, 2005

I did not realize that I hadnt put anything on here since last tuesday. I have been on vacation all week and never got around to putting anything on here. Well, thats me I guess. So my week of vacation was spent gambling and drinking the rest of my shitty life away. Staying up until 7am playing poker really throws off your sleep schedule. Especially if you have been drinking since 1pm the day before. Talk about fucked up. Ouch. Needless to say, Saturday was spent laying around catching up with sleep and watching some football. So UT finally pulled it off. About time. Watching the game I realized something. UT is pretty damn good and OU is pretty shitty. I mean stop me if you disagree, but this could be the worst OU team I have ever seen. No solid QB or WR, Peterson is injured and somehow they still forced him to run for 2 or 3 yards here and there. Oh well. Everyone that knows me knows that I am an A&M fan, but you UT fans have something to look forward to this year with the team that you have. I really dont know who is in your way for the rest of the season. Maybe Tech could pull something off, hell Baylor is looking strong this year.
Well, Im supposed to play golf today, but the weather has to hold up for me to. Last day of freedom before going back to work tomorrow. I think I might hear something about the new account tomorrow. Hopefully at least. I am so beat down from my job. I just need a change. To be perfectly honest, I dont know if the new account is the change I need. I might be looking for something outside the company, I dont know. If I do get shifted around, I will start with that. Anyone that reads this that lives around the DFW area needs to make a trip to IKEA. That place is fucking huge! It actually has alot of practical stuff and for a reasonable price. If you would like something to make you smile, go to the returns that are for sale by the registers. If you ever doubt your ability to make something, that will make you feel so much better about yourself. These people have really screwed some stuff up. Leaning tables, crooked shelves, gaps between doors big enough to stick your arm through, its funny. Anyways, guess Ill close for now. Talk to you guys later on.



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