Tuesday, January 17, 2006

As I sit here on this uneventful Tuesday, I reflect.............

Do you remember when I asked how to throw away a trash can? (if not read a couple of blogs back)

Well I'll be damned. In a rare ritual I like to call "cleaning" I came across an old bag of red potatoes. As I picked them up, I noticed that the smell of toejam and asscrack filled the room. Yep, they were rotten. I damn near threw up when I caught a whiff of them. Anyways, I threw them in a trash can I had been ready to get rid of and put it out back by the trash. The trash can was small, but apparently the garbage men thought I wanted to keep it. So.......

You cannot throw away a trash can by putting it by the trash. The trash runs Tuesday and Friday around here, so I have taken it upon myself to find a way to get rid of that fucker. Ill keep you posted on that.

Well, nothing exciting going on in my life if you cant tell. Work can suck my sack as always. Personal life is no better. Getting crap ready to give a presentation to 40 big shots from my account tomorrow. I cant wait. If I was just guessing, I will talk for about 30 mins and then the Q & A starts. That should last for at least 30-45 more. Thats where the ass whippin' begins.

Enough about work. I get pissed just thinking about it. Well, you probably know me and A are talking again. Its frustrating, but what am I supposed to do. I cant hide the fact I still love her so I guess Ill leave myself as vulnerable as possible until she starts seeing someone else. F me. Alcohol intake has been at an all time high lately. 5 days straight last week and Im not talking about a beer or 2. When I say fucked up i mean FUCKED UP. That should be good for my inflamed liver. Found a great new hang out. Dont laugh. Buffalo Wild Wings. Yeah bitch I said it. Good food, beer is beer so its good, and poker on the NTN machine. Went there 2 nights in a row last week and didnt feel bad about it. Speaking of 2 nights in a row...went to Southern Junction 2 straight night. If you wanna feel like a regular, go on a friday night and see how many people you know. If it is more than 5, you suck. Well, I suck. I need to stay away from that place. Pat gave his keys away. Ill give you a minute to let that sink in......................
Ok. Let me repeat it in case you missed it. Pat gave his keys away. Somehow I got the truck key, but he gave his house key and his parents house key to some lady that he was making out with. No name, never seen her before. Good call Pat. Thats what he gets for shooting tequila. Well its now midnight and I will get a few hours sleep before the beating.

Happy late MLK day my niggas.



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