Tuesday, October 04, 2005

My fellow poons....
Not a whole lot to say for a tuesday. Im on vacation this week doing nothing except sitting around playing the monopoly game at mcdonalds making me fatter and closer to a heart attack by the day. Eventful weekend, kinda. Friday night Wayne and myself went to arlington to a party thrown by our friends Kenny and Ted. Dont remember a whole lot of it, got pretty wasted. I do remember, however, the ride home. My car was at bone daddy's in plano, so it should have been about a hour drive if that from arlington. We left the club at 2 and somehow ended up in the middle of a residential neighborhood. No clue where we were. Every time we thought we saw a street that looked familiar, it took us somewhere we never saw before. After god knows what, we finally got to my car at 4am. Yeah, thats a 2 hour drive. Saturday was blessed with a hangover as I had figured. Pretty much stayed inside all day and watched football. Did that Saturday and Sunday now that I think about it. Monday was a craphole day with nothing going on except realizing how much of a redneck I am by watching wrestling followed by a wrestling documentary. Well, a week and a half has gone by since we ended stuff. I dont know if the days are getting easier or not. I have some days that I am ok, then the next day I am a wreck. I talked to my ex last night about nothing important, just talked. It was nice. Although I havent heard her voice in a week, the text messages were enough to tide me over...at least for a while. Laid in bed last night until about 230, tossing and turning. Not even the golf channel put me to sleep. Watched a pretty good movie last night about 1, I recommend seeing Busty Cops if you get a chance. Yeah, its what you think it is. Dont blame me, there was nothing else on. I think tonight I will watch Lonesome Dove. At least I can say I accomplished something. If I start now, it should be done about 2 am. yippie.
p.s. started writing the movie a little more today.


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