Friday, September 30, 2005

This was me earlier in the day. Hairy and all, actually, its a photo of me. Well this is at least what I looked like when I found out today the changes in the company. Today we had a re-org meeting to discuss the future of the company. Went well. I got a promotion. Can you fucking believe that? Well, not as good as it sounds. Im the lead for my team which basically means more work and same pay. It looks good on paper......or so im told. I also report to another boss now. Its better than who I used to report to. She is a great boss and she knows how to run stuff. Her name is Jennifer. Im so gonna do my boss. Just kidding, Im saving myself for Wayne's mom. (if you dont get that read my post from a couple of days ago) So starting tomorrow, when my team needs shit done, I get it done. No more emailing and calling around to get stuff done, I do it. That is good. After the meeting I went and played golf with Kyle. Good back 9, shitty front. I didnt really start getting into my swing until about the 15th hole and then pared out the final 4 holes. Guess nothing much other than that to say. I actually am writing this so I dont call my ex. I had the text message ready to send and I forced myself to close the phone. Tough. Guess Im gonna go take a shower and get ready to go out tonight. Beware Dallas, beware.



At Wed Oct 05, 04:56:00 PM 2005, Blogger dreamingtree27 said...

Congrats on your sideways promotion. It does look good on paper, and in the end that's what will get you another great job! I think you'll like it much better being in control of things more than you had been. Good job! Happy for you. Oh, and good luck doing ur new boss...har dee har har.


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