Monday, December 04, 2006

Can, Can't, Want and Will

I'm putting those on the top so that i remember what I'm getting at. This is probably going to be a long post because I am still in my same phase from yesterday and I'm trying to get stuff down. Stand strong my will be over soon. Hey, you might even learn something with this one.

CAN - to be able to; have the ability, power or skill to
Can is a really overused and under emphasized word. "Can" you do something? Sure. The real question is "do you want to" or "will you". If your boss says, "Can you get that report to me by the end of the day?" You say yes although you don't WANT to but you WILL because it's your job. OK, I'm not talking about work related shit, I'm talking relationship. Of course, what else would I be talking about on here. CAN you live without someone? Yes. Do you WANT to? No. WILL you?..........Waiting for an answer? You're not getting one. That is the big question out of the three that is tough to answer.........We will return to it

CAN'T - have no alternative
Can't is a very complicated word. On the same lines as can, can't is mostly used in place of what we really mean. I CAN'T do this or that. Most of the time, you can, you just choose not to. Again the WANT and WILL (or will not) come into play. You can't make stuff work. You can't live without someone. Not true. It's about effort, communication and determination.

WANT - to wish, need, crave, demand or desire
Want is what I think is the most overused and underappreciated word. I'm not going into the want and need conversation (though catch me depressed next week and we might) but want is not the word it used to be. As I saw the definitions, there were many, and I chose this one. The thing I feel interesting is the "wish" part. We confuse want and need alot, but really want is a wish. Do you want someone in your life? Yes. Is it a want or need? (remember another day we will get into this) A crave or desire to have that person is something that can be overcome by time and probably not much more than that. Wants will pass and become could's or might's, but want is probably the most heavy word, and emotion that there is.

WILL - expected or required to, disposed or willing to
I put two definitions on here because they are so much alike and still so different. Required to and willing to are completely opposites, but still go down the same road. Will you move on? Will that person be back in your life? Will you accept it? Hmmmmmm.......hitting a nerve? Well piss on you, it is to me.

You know, I'm almost disappointed in myself for doing this on here again. You don't want to hear me bitch, you want to hear all the hilarious quick one liners that I have been known for. This is something that will stop. Here. Now. From now on, poon is no longer. Well, I can't give up the name poon, but I'm just saying as far as an attitude, poon is no longer. From now on it will be POON. Capitalized and proud. Let's change this up a bit and get some laughs in before I close.

Some of you will get this and for those of you that don't, comment and ask me, I'll share it.
This guy walks into this talent agents office and says, "Man have I got an idea for a show for you." The agent looks at him and says, "Well, let's see it."
The guy brings out his family and they all start beating each other with baseball bats. The father starts making out with his mother while his kids are peeing on the family dog. His wife then starts crapping and throwing up on the kids and her husband. They all face the talent agent and yell "TAH DAH!!!!"
The agent looks at them and says, "WOW, that's quite an act. What do you call it?"
The husband says, "The BCS."

Hope you enjoy that PK.



At Tue Dec 05, 10:16:00 AM 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Indeed! Though you shouldn't have left out the part of the joke about LLLLoyd Carr and Urban Meyer throwing balloons filled with Yak jizz at each other while simultaneously giving two pot-bellied pigs The Dirty Sanchez.


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