Sunday, December 03, 2006

You know, you have good days and bad days after break is a bad day. No good reason for it, just woke up this morning (early this morning after drinking all night) and that's all that was on my mind. I am getting on here hoping that I can get something written down that will take my mind off of it for at least another hour when football starts. Stay with me....probably alot of rambling.
The only other big thing that is on my mind right now is last night's football antics. If for some reason you didn't see this coming....for shame! You knew it was too good to be true. The BCS actually working when USC pounds UCLA and marches into the championship game and all is well at the round table of the BCS. Well, (PK you will like this) USC took it in the Booty. UCLA came out with their 6-5 record and that QB...what's his name, and that big know that guy, and their defense lead by........oh that one kid. Star studded cast waiting to be shut down by a darn good team with a head coach that seems to just breed good players in his system. Never mind the fact that his tounge is too big for his mouth (Quincy Carter disease) or that his chin rivals the size of Jay Leno, he is a damn good coach. Well, USC either really showed their age at QB or UCLA just wanted that game more. I know you tOSU fans know this, but how rewarding can it be for your team to knock their biggest rival out of the national championship game in the last game of the year. Good for you UCLA. Drink the wine of champions today and burn some poor old lady's couch (and maybe her whole house), flip a car over and pass out in a trash can after smoking a pack of Pall Mall's and drinking some Schaefer. You deserve it. get the same thing that 50% of the other schools get, another game and a tie for third place along with all of the other programs that didn't get into the big game. IF (yes i mean to capitalize it) scUM gets into the big game, the road to Glendale might still go through SoCAL. tOSU fans will be making a pit stop just to drop off a small brown bag on the football players door steps, light the top, knock and run. HAHA it's poop in the bag! That's what you get for ruining the BCS. I thought it would work.

Depressed in Dallas



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