Monday, September 19, 2005

New me. That is what today starts.....a new me. Starting today im cutting back drinking to 1 day a week, eating better, and using the gym membership that i pay for and never use. Yes i did say drinking 1 day a week. Ok, there might be some sort of exemption at some point, but for the most part 1 day is it. Whats this for you ask? Its for me. I have to start taking better care of myself and make myself better in the process. Since I started working for Cingular, I have gained about 40 lbs. Yeah thats alot for 4 years. Im just not happy with myself, havent been for a while. Hopefully everything is going to take a turn for the better within the next month or so. I had an interview for a new position within the company last week and it went really well. For those of you who dont know, I have hated my job since the first day I took it two years ago. Yeah, thats a long time to hate your job, but it pays the bills. Dont get me wrong, I take care of shit that i need to and I have a store right now that broke records for us last month which means a bad ass paycheck for me. Im trying to save up right now because around the first of the year i plan on moving out of my house. Havent really looked at the fees and shit involved and probably dont want to, but i guess i should. I guess my moving kinda still lies on where my ex (her name is to remain anonymous) and i stand at that time. I think even if we do work stuff out i might still have to move closer to work. I really wish i was stong enough to be her friend and be ok with that. She has been my best friend for almost 5 years and i just cant be ok with being in her life and watching her move on. weakness on my part i guess, but i cant help it. enough about that, didnt mean to get on that topic. my life where it is right now is kinda like quick sand, i can stay where i am and survive, but the more i try to get out, the deeper in i get. well, my favorite football team is playing the team i hate the most tonight. Thats right, my WASHINGTON REDSKINS are playing the dallas cowboys on monday night football. Sorry for the change in font size, but you know, I just dont like the fuckers. Although i have been born and raised in Dallas, I have never been a cowboys fan. Dont really know why, but its nice to go to the game and root against the cowboys just to irritate the fans. Makes me smile just thinking about it. Well I guess i should get off of here and get something done. Going to the gym i guess.
chunkin dueces



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