Monday, July 14, 2008


I have to take a second just to throw some words together at my utter amazement at what I am seeing. While watching the home run derby, of course I am cheering for the hometown boy of Josh Hamilton. As the derby starts, we watch 7 of the best hitters in the game today throw together rounds of 3, 7, 8 max. I expect Josh to put together a good round. Maybe make it to the second round and put up a fight. His 71 year old pitching throws them right down the chute. 1
He just hit the back wall of the stadium.....seriously. Yankee stadium erupts with cheers as they see something that has never been seen or at least documented.
Good, he's going to the second round. Yankee stadium erupts with cheers of "HAM-IL-TON; HAM-IL-TON"
One away from the record with two outs left.
There is the record. Can you believe it? The story of a first round pick that blew his $4 million signing bonus of drugs and booze has Yankee staium on their feet as he sets the mark of all time.
He's not stoping.
Milton Bradley comes out take his picture with the new record holder.
Out number 9. Playfully Yankee stadium boos at the first out they have seen in a while.
They bring out the gold ball.
Out number 10 on an opposite field fly ball.
The Texas Ranger song for homeruns plays as both the American and National come in to congratulate Josh and his batting practice pitcher. Mind you he is 71 and just threw down 54 pitches and still has 2 rounds left. Erin Andrews asks how the arm is where he says "It's wore out. We don't have to go again do we?"

No matter what the hell happens for the rest of the Derby. Congrats Josh. You earned it.

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