Friday, January 05, 2007

Friday Conversation with El Dorado Owens

Will all the clout that I pull around with me, I called up my close friend T.O. to get a brief interview before the playoff game in Seattle tomorrow. I would like to thank him and his publicist for the interview.

Poon: First of all, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to do the interview with me.

T.O.: No problem, I love football.

Poon: That's great. So how are things up there?

T.O.: Rain.

Poon: Like every other day in Seattle, huh? (laughing)

T.O.: What? I just wanna play my game and hopefully pull out a win.

Poon: So what do you expect to do tomorrow in the game?

T.O.: Play.

Poon: Well said from Chattanooga's finest.

T.O.: You know, I just play my game.

Poon: Sounds good. So are you going to say anything worth while on this call because you are beating me down.

T.O.: If I was any other receiver in the league, it wouldn't be a big deal.

Poon: Yeah it would. Have you heard yourself talk?

T.O.: Hold on.

Kim Etheredge: Terrell has 25 million reasons to hear himself speak.

Poon: What the fuck does that mean?

Kim: (whispering)Pass that bottle over here.

Poon: You guys drinking already? It's 730am Seattle time.

Kim: No baby, I'm so fucked up on codeine I can barely stand up.

T.O.: Yo dawg I'm gonna have to let you go, this bitch is getting naked.

Poon: Have you seen her? She's like Condoleezza Rice with Downs Syndrome.

T.O.: Yeah bitch, you get in that hyperbaric chamber.

Poon: Ok, I'll call back.


Well, that got out of hand quick. I don't know what goes through that crazy motherfucker's mind sometimes, but he sure is fun to hang out with.

Seattle 27
Dallas 13

Also, I am taking off tomorrow for Glendale for the BCS Championship game. I will drink one for everyone that reads this. So 2 beers it is.

Prediction 2
tOSU 34
Gaytors 24

Poondale, Arizona



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