Thursday, December 07, 2006

Oh that? That's my upstairs neighbor. Yes, it's Kersee herself. Well, at least it's going to make a decent story on here. Or would you rather hear me go off on tangents like I have been doing for the past few days? Now shut it and listen up mo-fo's.
Since I moved in here, there has been a nightly track meet going on upstairs from me. I'm pretty sure that the 100m hurdles and maybe even the high jump at times are going on. I have always wondered what exactly was going on up there so I decided to take a little look myself. I went upstairs just after the gun shot to start the race and peeked in the door. What did I find? That's right JJK herself doing the hurdles in her apartment. Maybe just staying in running condition, or maybe practicing for the next Olympics. Either way, it's fucking loud. I asked her if she would mind doing that outside instead of in her apartment (which somehow is ten times bigger than mine on the inside). She said, "Hey! Get the hell out of my place bitch before I roll a nine out on you cracker ass cracker."
That was enough for me. I quietly came downstairs and listened to the games go on for the rest of the night. I actually think that she took home the gold up there. Good for her I guess.
Ok, I have been drinking a little bit so that's not completely true. I do have a loud ass upstairs neighbor and it does sound like they are doing the hurdles until all hours of the night. I'm not saying that they are or aren't, but it sounds like it. Just thought I would let all of my followers know.

On a lighter note, I was informed last night that POON is not a good name for me. I know with all that has been going on, POON is somewhat a light name that will get run over. Well, I can't get rid of POON as my name. I'm sorry. I did capatalize it which makes it somewhat ok I think, but I know what they are getting at. I'm going to throw a couple of names out there and see what kind of feedback I get. Let me know of any suggestions.

I said I have been drinking so I think I'll get off of here before I embarass myself more. Give me some ideas. Until then.........

POON out


At Fri Dec 08, 10:42:00 AM 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here are some other suggestions:

Daniel Poon(e) – total badass. Kills bears and shit. Wears a Poon skin cap.

Archduke of Pooningham – going Royal up in this bitch.

MC Poon – Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttt

Poon-icef – Worldwide relief for needy poon.

Poon-icyle – Who needs wheels when you have poon.

A few more……HarPoon, Looney Poon, Name that Poon

Ok I’m done.

PK out.

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