Thursday, December 21, 2006

Genius. The pride of the wolverines shows his true colors on national retarded idiot ass a color? Yep, I see it in my 128 count of crayola crayons. (Yeah 128 count bitch. That's how I roll.) Persimmon? Got it. Lemon? Got it. Fucking Cocoa, Coffee, Chocolate, I got all those bitches. Sorry, I like to brag on the crayons, back to my point. If none of you scholars knew from the video, Texas is not Texas A&M. I know you might have thought that us down here in Texas just have enough brains combined to pack our stallions into one college campus. Ok, maybe we do, but we have a few colleges here and they are different. Thank you Desmond "got the award because I perfected the pose" Howard. You remind me why I hate the blue. If you would like to see his apology, I couldn't find it, but I'm sure it's out there. It's really moving I mean like my bowels after a good 3am Taco Bell run in New Jersey. Well I'm going to get back to this Thursday night barn burner on the NFL Network that I get. Sorry to rub that in there Time Warner kids. This game is moving at the speed of pot and I am about to change it to the BYU/Oregon game I think. Get bent Desmond Howard-youstillontv. I stretched that, but deal with it.

Duck Billed Platypoon


At Fri Dec 22, 08:21:00 AM 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Howard is an ass-clown of the highest order. He's got nothing to bring to the table. In his apology he said he "misspoke." That would be saying Trexas A&I. Not UT. He's a tool-bag.



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