Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ya Wall....I went into work this morning kinda stuffy nosed and all, but didn't really affect the morning so much. After about 11am rolled past, it hit me. Go home and get some rest because my job is not that important. Don't get me wrong, I do important stuff, but it can be done from the house and not force myself into situations where I get sicker. It's nothing bad....stuffy nose, a little nasal leakage and maybe a brief cough here and there. It will be done in a few days. So I stopped by the local Thomas Thumberson to grab all of the juice I could get my hands on and I will dope myself silly with Vitamin C for the next 24 hours or so until this goes away like the career of the Salute Your Shorts cast.
I don't have much to say on this average Tuesday afternoon, I just wanted to keep myself somewhat occupado so the day doesn't seem like it takes forever. You know kind of like the first half of the MNF game last night took forever. BEATING.

While I have a little material on my mind and before the drugs kick in, I just want to give big kudos to Devin Hester. You may have come from the U, you may show soon that you have a bigger ego than Kellen Winslow II, you may have a horrible career and people only know you for your rookie season, but you are a record holder. Congrats on the 6th return for a TD this season breaking the all-time record of 5. Watch for this kid. He is a stud. Oh yeah by the way, he also got burnt on a Tori Holt touchdown in the second quarter. Eh, he's a rookie.

Medicine kicking in....POON kicking out.

Daniel POONe


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