Saturday, November 19, 2005

Well poons, Im back. Its been a while since I have posted something on here. Partly because nothing is happening and partly because I am too lazy. Well I won an award. Top RAE in NTX for my company. Thats pretty bad ass, but who the hell cares.......really.
Alot actually has been happening in my world lately. Matt moved in a few days ago. Things arent going well in married world because of alot of shit. Maybe some time apart is what they need. Me and A are talking again. Its been really nice. Unfortunately her grandmother died last week. We went up there for the funeral and stuff and then went to the funeral down here yesterday. She was American Indian and the funeral was kinda weird. They have a bowl of cigarettes right beside the coffin and you are supposed to take one and smoke it in rememberance of the deceased. Oh, and the body is on the other side of the gym from where we were eating dinner. Kinda weird, but customs are all different. It was different. Its not mournful really, not like we do things. It is more like showing your appreciation for the person and telling how they affected your life. So I went up there with A to be there for her. Even though we are not together, I would want her to be there for me if something like this happened. Things were nice though, talked about alot of stuff, nothing inparticular, but I try not to look too much into stuff. I just take it one day at a time.
Well, in order to improve my already stunning image, I have decided that I should cut my goatee. Tell me what you guys think of it.

Personally, I think that I look like Rich from Big & Rich, but that's just me. GRRRRR! Im tough now. As much as I hate to admit it, I kinda like it. All I need now is some Levi Garrett and a spittoon. If you cant tell, I am hungover in this picture. Whats new.
I'll leave you with a little exerpt from one of my favorite movies
"Dear God, make me a bird so i can fly far, far far away from here."
then her dad beats the shit out of her. If you dont know the movie.....for shame.

I think the alcohol is still in my system.

Keep on rockin in the free world