Thursday, July 06, 2006

well shit.
its been a long time for this. havent been on here in a while and i dont regret it. usually i just get on here drunk and start typing random shit that doesnt make sense. well tonight is nothing different.
as most of you know, i got moved and now and here in plano close to work. only takes about 3 mins instead of the 45 is used to take. who cares. well i like it up here and i hope that this summer continues like it has been going so far. nothing i can bitch about when i sit at the pool drinking beer all day saturday and sunday. nothing to complain about at all. not alot of big news happening right now. kenny got engaged. very happy for him. him and ana are a great couple and i really wish them the best. i really dont have shit to talk about, unless you really want to hear me bitch about work and odds and ends for a while. i dont think you do and i dont feel like typing it. well i just thought that i would update this thing at least a little bit.
im going to go into my drunken slumber until i have to wake up in the morning. bye for now and ill update this more often.

later fuckers.