Tuesday, October 17, 2006

wow. didnt know it had been this long since i last blogged on here. well i guess some of it has to do with the fact that i have better things to do at 3am than get on here and drunk type.....i actually dont, but you dont need to know that. oh wait....... well things are going great here. if you consider great mediocre. i do. i have to say that sports-wise, this is my time of year. the bcs came out this week with all kinds of controversy. whats new? always does and everyone screams "put in a playoff system" well i say fuck that just because they never will and i want to be on the winning side of something before i die.
i might start doing my version of picks of the pole on here. for people that do not listen to norm hitzges (dont blame you, i hate him too), he does picks of the pole on fridays to tell you what he is going to bet on this weekend. maybe i can put it on here so that you guys can see how bad i am at that kind of stuff. who even reads this fucking thing?
why am i excited about an alarm clock? i got a new one today and i must say, i was rather excited about it just to come home to find out that it doesnt have a digital dial for the radio. no use to me now. seriously...thats what i look forward to.
well it looks like i am still working on the movie. i bet you didnt guess that. well im looking for some good ideas for it. post comments or email me if you have a good idea. i have a few, but a few doesnt make up 100 pages of crap. damn i hope this thing gets finished.
well until next time my fellow poons......