Thursday, November 30, 2006

Well, its here. The storm of the century here in Plano. I took this picture this morning when I stepped outside to see what the wea...........what? No, its Plano in the picture. Anyways, I stepped outside to see what the weather was like and decide if I should go to work or no.........what? Seriously, Plano. It's closer to the Frisco area so that might be why its confusing. OK OK shut up. It's New York ok. Are you happy? Jesus, can't leave well enough alone you have to call me out on shit. Just enjoy the fact that you are reading this and quit asking so many damn questions.

OK, well it is colder than a well diggers ass here (at least in Texas temperature it is). There is some snow and sleet and the roads are apparently so bad that most of north Texas is closed down. The news this morning had non-stop coverage of the "Blizzard of '06" along with a very detailed and well thought out segment on what kind of sand/salt mix different cities are using this year. I tivo'd it so next time it gets cold and I'm wondering how in the hell they are going to solve this mysterious frozen water problem, I can be reassured that they have it under control with a 90-10 sand to salt mix. Thank god for NBC.

I know what you are thinking, and yes it is embarassing for us to be so freaked out about this weather. I could be dangerous to be out on the roads (that's why I took today off :))

Ok, I'm going to go off mid sentence on a little quagmire I just ran across. If I put a smiley face :) inside of parenthesis (....), should I close it up or is the mouth the ending to it? I will show examples and let you decide.
(Bob is a douchebag :))
(Bob is a douchebag :)

Neither one look right. Maybe parenthesis are overrated and I shouldn't use them as much. Maybe the smiley face is borderline homo to use. I use it. Not bragging, just stating. Maybe they should be used for the following
( . )( . )
and a very nice set if I don't mind saying so myself.

So that was a waste. Thanks for hanging in there. Maybe tomorrow I will have something interesting to say about the weather and I can put it on here. Im sure that I will be trapped in here for at least a week with the weather like this so I will take more pictures and show them. (and no not of New York again. shit.)
Damn, I used them again. Some habits are hard to break. :)


Thursday, November 23, 2006

And we eat and we eat and we eat. I do like Thanksgiving, don't get me wrong, but why do we do this to ourselves? Today is a glorious reason for me to be completely disgusting and eat until I am actually cramming things down my throat because there is no more room in my stomach. "Oh, you done with that plate? Here's another." "Oh, you're done with the turkey? Here's dessert." The beauty of that alone is why I like the holidays. Let me take you through a brief journey through my day in pictures.........



Finally more food and tryptophan zen. Well I don't really have much to say on this fine turkey day, just wanted to get on here for a bit before I pass out. If you were wondering, yes that is me in all of those photos (including the football one. I was in pro football from 1938-1941 until my career ended early with a bad case of delirium tremens. Look it up). Before you ask, I don't know why I passed out in a cardboard box and I don't know why I was wearing a swimsuit in November. Turkey does crazy things.



Monday, November 13, 2006

Well, it happened. Me and A are no longer talking. The past 18 hours have been pretty tough and I know that it will be for the best I suppose. I think the only reason Im putting this on here is so that I can get some words out that I keep bottled up in me. Its really strange how people can grow apart. Last night it felt like neither one of us wanted to make this move, but we didnt have a choice. Sometimes I wonder if your head and your heart dont work together. For me, I know my heart is with her, but I think my mind still holds on to things in the past. I think she might feel the same way too. If I could turn back time and go back to when we still lived together, I would change so many things. We wouldnt have had the problems we did if we would have just addressed the problems when they occured. I cant turn back time though. I have to live with what is in the past and hopefully learn from my mistakes.
I did try to be better over the past year or so and I thought that things were going pretty good through the summer. For some reason, around September or maybe August, things just changed. I wondered if it was something I did. I then wondered if it was something she did. Was there someone else? No. It was none of the above. Things that we do to people that hurt them stay with them forever. Someone once told me "I can forgive, but I can never forget." I never really knew how true that was until now.
Will things be better? Im sure they will be. Its just a matter of getting past the first day, the first week, the first month. Take it one day at a time and know that future will take you where you are supposed to be. Will we ever be back together? I want to say yes, but I feel like it will be no. I dont believe that we decide where and what we are going to do, I think we are put there. Maybe we werent meant to be together. Maybe we need some time to let the wounds heal. Either way, I do hope that in the future I can be strong enough to stay friends with her. I care too much about her to just let her go and never know what happens to her. For now, I cant. Call me weak, call me dumb, call me what you want, I cant. Right now I cant sit back and talk to her and act like I am ok with just being her friend. I didnt move in with her, buy a house, get engaged, because she is a good friend......I did it because I love her. Im sure in the future if things do not work out between us that we will both lead a long and happy life, it will just take time to heal our wounds.
Ill close with this, as many bad things as I can remember from the past, they are greatly overshadowed by the good. As much pain as I feel right now, I wouldnt give up the past 5 years with her for anything. I actually think that instead of being so sad, we should be glad that we had the time together that we did. If you read this, and you are with someone, go home and let them know how much you think of them. Nothing special, just do the little things. Say I love you, kiss them before you go to sleep, get in one last hug before you go to work. You dont know what you have until its gone.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

"I can't deny cancer got a piece of me last time. A big piece of me." That could be the biggest understatement (and possibly most arrogant) thing I have ever read. Lance Armstrong said on the 9th that he will again go toe-to-toe with cancer. "I want cancer. I want cancer so bad I can almost taste it." I am not bragging, but I can usually see where conversations are going before they get there.......I didn't see that coming at all. Nobody wishes for cancer, not even the ol' yellow bracelet himself. He went on to say that he is ready to sleep 17 hours a day and then went on to say that he wouldn't mind something like brain or lung cancer. Well, Mr. Armstrong, (you know...I'm going to leave the rest of this sentence blank because I want to go so many places right now and I'm just not going to. Cancer is no laughing matter and I can't seem to make myself go where I really want to go right now).

What makes him say these things you wonder? As do I.......and I don't have an answer. I do know that this is the first thing that I have seen on Lance Armstrong where he refered to himself in the third person. Is this a changing Lance we are seeing? Is he becoming like most athletes where the idea of himself actually outgrows himself so he must refer to himself as someone else?

I don't know, but I do have the entire article here that you can read.

Well, Poon has got to go watch Poon's TV and see if Tennessee can hold off Arkansas. Poon says goodnight all. Maybe I should refer to myself as The Poon. I kinda like that. Maybe I'll just stay with what most people call The Poon......fartknocker.


Monday, November 06, 2006

well well. Twice in the same year? say it isnt so. well it is. what to say, what to say. well there are alot of things happening in my world. im not going to get into some of it because honestly, im not emotionally stable enough to type it on here eventhough im sober.
lets talk sports a bit. well last post i said that i would put on here a "picks of the poll" system, however, i will not. not because im lazy, but because i really suck at picking teams. overall over the past few weeks im 10+ games under .500. im that bad. im sitting here watching the monday night game as we speak. looks like i will win that one. if i dont i will retire from gambling. if you dont believe me, ill bet you $20 i do.
colt mccoy for heisman?
i saw that shit on espn today and i must why would he be? good stats? maybe. good team? possibly. hype about him following vince? absolutely. i really hate when the media corrupts the public eye with their own visions. does it make a nice little story line? yes, but you have to look at who they are and the big 12 as a whole. i will go out on a limb and say that the big 12 is the worst conference in the usa. ok, maybe not worst, but easiest. in all honesty, without a few decent receivers, texas is just another mediocre team. the texas defense makes me think of the dallas cowboys defense. maybe good against the run, but just go deep on them and they will get burnt. its like their cb's and ss's are just full of roy williams twins and terrence newman twins. overrated.
lets get to the cowboys......or lack there of. i am a redskins fan so i will be a little biased on here, but first and foremost i am a football fan. i cant say that about cowboy fans. its the cowboys and nothing else. t.o. is a perfect example of this. he comes and stands on the star and disrespects the organization and then you are the first in line to buy his jersey? doesnt make sense. i know you want t.o. to be different in dallas, but it wont happen and it has already started. the thing that really bothers me is the spinelessness of both jerry jones and bill parcels. he falls asleep and "he has a medical condition." argues with an assistant coach and "the coach will be disciplined." he already runs that team. well good for him. he got what he wanted and the cowboys are just another .500 team. we all win. please i dont want to write more on romo and vanderjagt....i mean vandershank....i mean vanderblock. im sorry, i had to throw that in there. well good luck cowboy sheep on another 9-7 season. have fun sitting at home with the redskins fans during the playoffs. you see i accept it, you can too.